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group photo 2024 2

May 8, 2024

Maryam Mansoori Kermani, Yinan Shu, Aiswarya M. Parameswaran, Antonio Fernandez-Ramos, Donald G. Truhlar, Suman Bhaumik, Dayou Zhang, Qinghui Meng, Jie Bao

group photo 2024 1

May 8, 2024

Front Row: Aiswarya M. Parameswaran, Donald G. Truhlar, Qinghui Meng
Back Row: Jie Bao, Yinan Shu, Antonio Fernandez-Ramos, Maryam Mansoori Kermani, Dayou Zhang, Suman Bhaumik

Professor Xuhui Huang with Don Truhlar and Jiali Gao sharing conversation and a seafood dinner

April 4, 2024

Professor Xuhui Huang of the Theoretical Chemistry Institute in Madison visited us and gave the final Chemical Theory Center seminar of the 2023-2024 academic year.  The photo shows him with Don Truhlar and Jiali Gao sharing conversation and a seafood dinner at the end of the day.

Yan Zhao Seminar

January 9, 2024

Group alumni met at Yan Zhao’s seminar at East China Normal University in Shanghai on January 9, 2024. From left to right are former group members Kaining Duanmu (Tongji Univ. in Shanghai), Xinping Wu (Shanghai Jiaotong Univ. in Shanghai), and Professor Yan Zhao (Sichuan Univ. in Sichuan) and senior collaborator Professor Xiao He (East China Normal University in Shanghai).

Group Photo 2023

August 9, 2023

Front Row: Aiswarya M. Parameswaran, Maryam Mansoori Kermani, Qinghui Meng, Yinan Shu, Jie Bao
Back Row: Suman Bhaumik, Donald G. Truhlar, Dayou Zhang
Missing: Luke Fiedler

Group Photo 2022

November 17, 2022

Fourth Row: Jie Bao, Dayou Zhang, Donald G. Truhlar
Third Row: Suman Bhaumik, Farideh Badichi Akher, Yinan Shu
Second Row: Aiswarya M. Parameswaran, Maryam Mansoori Kermani, Siriluk Kanchanakungwankul
First Row: Jiaxin Ning
Missing: Luke Fiedler

Group Photo 2021

October 14, 2021

Top Row: Chen Zhou, Jie Bao, Siriluk Kanchanakungwankul, Donald G. Truhlar
Middle Row: Dihua Wu, Jiaxin Ning, Dayou Zhang, Suman Bhaumik
Bottom Row: Zoltán Varga, Yinan Shu
Missing: Aiswarya M. Parameswaran, Luke Fiedler

Group Photo 2020

October 20, 2020

Top Row: Jiaxin Ning, Jie Bao, Chen Zhou, Yinan Shu
Middle Row: Donald G. Truhlar, Suman Bhaumik, Dayou Zhang, Dihua Wu
Bottom Row: Rui Ming Zhang, Siriluk Kanchanakungwankul, Zoltán Varga
Missing: Luke Fiedler


July 2019

Back Row:  Jie Bao, Kelsey Parker

Middle Row: Lyuben Borislavov, Erica Mitchell, Bo Yang, Zoli Varga, Jingyun Ye, Indrani Choudhuri, Siri Kanchanakungwankul, Jiaxin Ning, Chen Zhou, Dayou Zhang, Xin-Ping Wu

Front Row: Wei Lin (group alumnus), Donald G. Truhlar, Linyao Zhang, Junjun Wu, Lu Gao, Yinan Shu

Missing: Luke Fiedler


April 2019

Current and former group members at the ACS National Meeting in Orlando, FL: Jie Bao, Jingjing Zheng, Tao Yu, and Rain Li.

July 27, 2018
Back Row: Linyao Zhang, Benchen Kevin Huang, Junwei Lucas Bao, Jie Bao, Sijia Dong, Jingyun Ye, Hung Vuong, Zoltán Varga, Bo Yang, Xin-Ping Wu, Yan Zhao
First Row: Indrani Choudhuri, Siriluk Kanchanakungwankul, Yinan Shu, Kelsey Parker, Donald G. Truhlar.
Missing: Luke Fiedler, Yuliya Paukku, Pragya Verma



Aug 11, 2017

Back Row: Luke Fiedler, Steven Mielke, Junwei, Lucas Bao, Yinan Shu
Second Row: Sijia Dong, Wei-Guang Liu, Don Truhlar, Siri Kanchanakungwanchul, Zoltán Varga, Bo Yang, Xin-Ping Wu
First Row: Andrew Sand, Kamal Sharkas, Yuliya Paukku, Kelsey Parker, Wanqiao Zhang, Lili Xing, Jingyun Ye 

Missing: Jie Bao, Hirbod Heidari, Joanna Kryven, and Pragya Verma


June 9, 2017

Group dinner of “truhlar group alumni” WeChat group in Dalian China. Left to right: Peifeng Su, Bo Long, Guo-Liang Song, Zhen Hua Li, Shuping Huang, Don Truhlar, Wenjing Zhang, Xin Zhang, Xuefei Xu, Donghui Zhang, Chaoyuan Zhu, and Wei Lin. Not present: Jie Bao, Lucas Bao, Xiao He, Shaohong Li, Haoyu Yu, Yuan Zhang and Jingjing Zheng. In the background is the beautiful Xinghai Bridge in Dalian.

August 2016

Back Row: Bo Long, Xin Zhang, Junwei Bao, Don Truhlar, Jie Bao, Wei-Guang Liu, Luke Fiedler, Steven Mielke, Zoltán Varga, Xin-Ping Wu, Yuliya Paukku
Second Row: Rubén Meana Pañeda, Pragya Verma, Mayank Dodia, Bo Yang
First Row: Kaining Duanmu, Shaohong Li, Yinan Shu, Kelsey Parker, Chad Hoyer, Andrew Sand, Kamal Sharkas


Shaohong Li receiving the 2016 Overend Award for Graduate Research in Physical Chemistry from Prof. Aaron Massari (April 2016)

Group alumni Hannah Leverentz and Boris Averkiev, Knoxville, TN, Feb. 6, 2016.

August 2015

Back Row: Junwei Bao, Max Makeev, Don Truhlar, Shaohong Li, Yuliya Paukku, Wei Lin, Steven Mielke, Zoltan Varga 
Second Row: Haoyu Yu, Wei-Guang Liu, Pragya Verma, Xiao He, Guoliang Song 
First Row: Laura Fernandez, Kelsey Parker, Chad Hoyer, Rubén Meana Pañeda, Kaining Duanmu, Xiaoyu Li 
Missing: Shuping Huang, Luke Fiedler, Osanna Tishchenko

August 2014

Third Row: Junwei Bao, Bo Wang, Chad Hoyer, Xiao He, Rubén Meana Pañeda, He Ma, Max Makeev
Second Row: Zoltan Varga, Don Truhlar, Yuliya Paukku, Steven Mielke, Shaohong Li, Kaining Duanmu, Luke Fiedler 
First Row: Wenjing Zhang, Pattrawan Sripa, Laura Fernandez, Xuefei Xu, Pragya Verma, Prasenjit Seal, Wei Lin 
Missing: Shuping Huang, Osanna Tishchenko, Haoyu Yu, Jingjing Zheng

A candid picture shows a great representation of how our group functions (August 2014)

Zhengtian Yu , Don Truhlar, and Angela Wilson at the Gordon Conference on Compuational Chemistry,West Dover, 
Vermont, July 23, 2014. Zhengtian Yu (Associate Director, Head of CADD & Chemoinformatics, China Novartis 
Institutes for BioMedical Research Co., Ltd.) and Angela Wilson (Regents Professor of Chemistry and Co-Director 
of the Center for Advanced Scientific Computing and Modeling, University of North Texas) are University of Minnesotaa 
graduate alumni of the research group of Professor Jan Almlöf. 

1000th journal article

Xuefei Xu, Don Truhlar, and Pragya Verma, coauthors of Don Truhlar's 1000th journal article,
at the surprise party, Smith Hall, July 1st, 2013.

July 2013

Third Row: Bo Wang, Yulia Paukku, Zoltan Varga,Rubén Meana Pañeda,Steven Mielke, Alek Marenich
Second Row: Luke Fiedler, Chad Hoyer, Haoyu Yu, Shaohong Li, Andy Luo,Kaining Duanmu,Prasenjit Seal 
First Row: Don Truhlar, Xuefei Xu, Pragya Verma, Wenjing Zhang, Jingjing Zheng, Ke Yang 
Missing: Osanna Tishchenko

June 2012

Fourth Row: Alek Marenich, Hannah Leverentz, Kaining Duanmu, Zoltan Varga, Jingjing Zheng, Helena Qi 
Third Row: Luke Fiedler, Rubén Meana Pañeda, Haoyu Yu, Steven Mielke, Bo Wang 
Second Row: Gbenga Oyedepo,Prasenjit Seal, Pragya Verma, Ke Yang, Flurnia Hadley-Davis, Xuefei Xu 
First Row: Yulia Paukku, Miho Isegawa, Boris Averkiev, Tao Yu, Don Truhlar 
Missing: Andy Luo, Ewa Papajak, Osanna Tishchenko

CTC 2011-2012 

October 2011
Picture taken at a party for Yan's visiting the group
Fifth to last Row (left to right): Gbenga Oyedepo, Steven Mielke, Bo Wang, Don Truhlar 
Fourth Row: Rubén Meana Pañeda, Roberto Peverati, Santhanamoorthi Nachimuthu 
Third Row: Yan Zhao, Tao Yu, Raphael Florentino Ribeiro, Ewa Papajak 
Second Row: Boris Averkiev, Haoyu Yu, Yulia Paukku, Alek Marenich, Prasenjit Seal 
First Row: Jingjing Zheng (Valerie Zheng), Xuefei Xu, Run Li, Ke Yang 

June 2011

Fifth Row: Bo Wang, Yulia Paukku, Raphael Florentino Ribeiro, John Alecu 
Fourth Row: Prasenjit Seal, Jeremy Tempkin, Roberto Peverati, Boris Averkiev 
Third Row: Alek Marenich, Steven Mielke, Tao Yu, Jingjing Zheng, Andy Luo 
Second Row: Flurnia Hadley-Davis, Hannah Leverentz, Santhanamoorthi Nachimuthu, Anant Kulkarni, Donald Truhlar
First Row: Gillian Shaw, Miho Isegawa, Xuefei Xu, Run Li, Ke Yang, Ewa Papajak 
Missing: Luke Fiedler, Sara Kragt, Osanna Tishchenko

October 2010

Third Row: Alek Marenich, Steven Mielke, Roberto Peverati, Bo Wang, Luke Fiedler,John Alecu, Boris Averkiev 
Second Row: Ewa Papajak, Andy Luo, Miho Isegawa, Xuefei Xu, Jingjing Zheng, Anant Kulkarni, Donald Truhlar 
First Row: Hannah Leverentz, Tao Yu, Run Li, Viki Ding, Ke Yang 
Missing: Hadi Dinpajooh, Flurnia Hadley-Davis, Sara Kragt, Osanna Tishchenko

November 2009

Fifth Row: Bo Wang, John Alecu, Orlando Roberto-Neto, Boris Averkiev 
Fourth Row: Steven L. Mielke, Luke Fiedler, Ruifang Li, Donald Truhlar 
Third Row: Ewa Papajak, Andy Luo 
Second Row: Flurnia Hadley-Davis,Sarah Kragt, Alek Marenich 
First Row: Jingjing Zheng, Ke Yang, Hannah Leverentz, Run Li 
Missing: Osanna Tishchenko, Hadi Dinpajooh, Brian White

June 2008

Third Row: Luke Fiedler, Bo Wang, Yongho Kim
Second Row: Masahiro Higashi,David Bonhommeau, Rosendo Valero, Ewa Papajak, Donald Truhlar 
First Row: Yan Zhao, Jingjing Zheng, Hannah Leverentz, Meiyu Zhao, Alek Marenich, Rubén Meana Pañeda 
Missing: Steven L. Mielke, Jonathan Smith, Osanna Tishchenko, Brian White, Wangshen Xie

July 2007

Third Row: Robert Molt, Masahiro Higashi, Andreas Heyden, Adam Chamberlin, Brian White, Ryan Olson 
Second Row: Jingjing Zheng, Jonathan Young, Mark Iron, Hannah Leverentz, Anastassia Sorkin, Alek Marenich 
First Row: Donald Truhlar, Rosendo Valero, Yan Zhao, David Bonhommeau, Erin Dahlke, Ewa Papajak 
Missing: Natalie Elmasry, Jonathan Smith

August 2006

Sixth Row: Zhenhua Li, Andreas Heyden 
Fifth Row: Casey Kelly, Neil Young, Divesh Bhatt 
Fourth Row: Benjamin Lynch, Michael Collins, Elizabeth Amin
Third Row: Donald Truhlar, Erin Dahlke, Benjamin Ellingson
Second Row: Mark Iron, Hyunju Lee 
First Row: Yan Zhao, Yuan Zhang, Nate Schultz, Jingjing Zheng
Missing: Adam Chamberlin, Natalie Elmasry, Michelle Orthmeyer, Pablo Jaque, Jonathan Smith, Rosendo Valero, Wangshen Xie, Brian White

March 2006

Left to right: Marek Strajbl, Avital Shurki, Jane Truhlar, and Don Truhlar in Jerusalem

June 2005

Fourth Row: Zhenhua Li, Casey Kelly, Adam Chamberlin
Third Row: Mark Iron, Ahren Jasper, Yan Zhao, Jerry Mohrig, Ian Haken, Erin Dahlke
Second Row: Dan Theis, Michal Rostkowski, Ben Ellingson, Don Truhlar, T.J. Preston, Nate Schultz
First Row: Núria González-García, Rosendo Valero, Clayton Spencer, Arindam Chakraborty, Shikha Nangia, Hai Lin, Jingzhi Pu

Oct. 5, 2004

Left to right: Nate Schultz, Elizabeth Ambrose Amin, Vanessa Audette Lynch, Erin Dahlke, Jose Javier Ruiz Perna, Ahren Jasper, Chaoyuan Zhu, Antonio Fernandez-Ramos, Yan Zhao, Jerry Mohrig, Ben Lynch, Arindam Chakraborty, Ben Ellingson, Jason Thompson, Don Truhlar, Clayton Spencer, Dan Theis, Hai Lin

Aug 16, 2004

Back Row: Grazyna Staszewska, Ben Ellingson, Erin Dahlke, Ahren Jasper, Don Truhlar, Ben Lynch, Nate Schultz, Przemyslaw Staszewski 
Middle Row: Núria González-García, Chaoyuan Zhu, Arindam Chakraborty, Shikha Nangia, Vanessa Audette Lynch, Jason Thompson 
Front Row: Clayton Spencer, Yan Zhao, Hai Lin, Jingzhi Pu, Adam Chamberlin, Dan Theis