Yinan Shu receives Young Investigator Award

Yinan ShuYinan Shu, Ph.D., a post-doctoral associate working with Regents Professor Donald Truhlar, has received the American Chemical Society Division of Physical Chemistry's 2020 Young Investigator Award. He was one of four researchers selected to receive this award and will present his research at a future PHYS symposium. 

Yinan earned his bachelor's degrees in chemistry and biological science from Wuhan University in China, and his doctorate from Michigan State University. His thesis focused on, "Understanding Non-Radiative Recombination Processes of the Optoelectronic Materials from First Principles." His research work with Professor Truhlar focuses on understanding complex behaviors of molecules and materials upon excitations and employ machine learning to solve theoretical chemistry problems. 

This news article was written by Eileen Harvala for the Department of Chemistry News.

April 16 2020