Truhlar alumni meet in Dalian, China

June 11, 2017

In June, Don TrDalian_2017uhlar was in Dalian, China to deliver the 25th Zhang Dayu Lectureship at the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics and to give his introductory lecture as an Honorary Fellow of the Chinese Chemical Society at the 13th National Congress for Quantum Chemistry. His trip to China was hosted by Donghui Zhang and Xuefei Xu. A highlight of the trip was meeting for dinner in Dalian with the members of the WeChat group called “Truhlar group alumni”, consisting of his former students and associates In China. They were also joined by Donghui Zhang, an honorary group member (He received his degree with John Zhang, who was a student in the groups of Don Kouri and Don Truhlar, so he is a group grandalumnus.) In the picture, left to right, we see Peifeng Su, Bo Long, Guo-Liang Song, Zhen Hua Li, Shuping Huang, Don Truhlar, Wenjing Zhang, Xin Zhang, Xuefei Xu, Donghui Zhang, Chaoyuan Zhu (Taiwan), and Wei Lin.