Summer undergraduate research fellowships

umIn June, our group was pleased to welcome Lyuben Borislavov from the University of Sophia in Sophia, Bulgaria, where he was recommended by Professors Alia Tadjer and Todor Dudev, and Erica Mitchell from Taylor University in Upland Indiana, where she was recommended by Professor T. Brandon Magers. Erica  worked on the multi-configuration pair-density functional theory of Diels-Alder reactions and the speedup of MC-PDFT analytic gradients, co-supervised by Professor Laura Gagliardi and also aided by Thais Scott, Jie Bao, and Matt Hermes. Lyuben worked on machine learning of molecular dynamics trajectories for the photodissociation of thioanisole, aided by Kelsey Parker and Yinan Shu. Both students presented their work at the 2019 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Symposium (SURF Symposium) of CTC on August 6: The speakers were 

  Lyuben Borislavov from Sofia University (Bulgaria), Don Truhlar group 

  Janey Lin from Mount Holyoke College, Massachusetts, Laura Gagliardi group

  Maria Mikhailenko from ITMO University (Russia), Jason Goodpaster group

  Erica Mitchell from Taylor University, Indiana, groups of Gagliardi and Truhlar

  Claire Shugart from Carlton College, Minnesota, Gagliardi group

  Samuel Powell from Ohio Northern University, Gagliardi group

  Victoria Vernadskaia from ITMO University (Russia), Ilja Siepmann group

  Peiyao Wu from Emory University, Georgia, Siepmann group

After the symposium the picture at the right was taken of all the summer researchers in the CTC SURF program, along with the participating mentors and advisers.


August 7, 2019