Group welcomes Dihua Wu and Shuhang Li from Nankai University

Our group recently welcomed postdoctoral associate Dihua Wu and visiting student Shuhong Li to the group.  The montage photo that accompanies this news item shows all the Nankai University members and past members of the group. At the upper left is Professor Ruifang Li of Nankai University, who first entered Nankai in 1999 and who was the first Nankai University participant in the Truhlar group, starting in 2009. At the upper right is Benchen (Kevin) Huang, now a graduate student at the University of Chicago, who entered Nankai in 2015 and was in our group as a visiting student in 2018-2019. In front of the bookcase are current group members, Dihua Wu (first left, entered Nankai in 2008), Jiaxin Ning (second left, entered Nankai in 2014, now a graduate student in the group), Don Truhlar (middle), Shuhang Li (second right, entered Nankai in 2016), and Jie Bao (first right, entered Nankai in 2010, now a graduate student in the group).

Nankai Alumni


September 11, 2019