Congratulations to Yinan Shu

Yinan Shu

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We are pleased to congratulate Dr. Yinan Shu, a postdoctoral associate in our group, who has just been awarded the Robin Hochstrasser Young Investigator Award. The Robin Hochstrasser Young Investigator Award was created by Elsevier Publishing to honor Robin Hochstrasser and support young scientists; it is given each year to a scientist working in chemical physics and younger than 40 years of age who does not have permanent professorship. The winner is selected by an international committee of scientists consisting of five members of the editorial board of Chemical Physics. Professor Robin Hochstrasser was the Editor of Chemical Physics for almost four decades; he was a pioneer in the application of lasers in chemical and biomedical research and among his students was Nobel Laureate Ahmed Zewail.

Yinan Shu was born in Hangzhou, China and obtained his BS degrees in Chemistry and Biological Science from Wuhan University in 2011. In our group he has worked on density functional electronic structure theory, especially for excited electronic states, on understanding complex photochemical and photophysical processes, on nonadiabatic dynamics algorithms, and on machine learning via deep neural networks.  His Google Scholar page is

Yinan won the ACS Physical Chemistry Division Young Investigator Award in April so this is his second major award in a very short period of time.

July 22, 2020